A dynamic society generates the need for accommodating teachers who are capable of meeting the challenges in today’s fast paced and competitive educational environment.

Bhai Gurdas Institute of Education, Sangrur will groom their students in a manner that they become capable of meeting these challenges. The institute will have a guiding philosophy to integrate knowledge and dissemination & application of knowledge to create a synergetic impact.

Our aim to forward educational interests and well being of teachers and learners is challenged by the lack of quality education. By imparting good education training at BGIE, we can play a vital role in the growth and development of education in our country.

The institute will surely develop its students as well as teachers into capable and intellectual leaders, who can shape educational institutions into vibrant learning resources.

With this belief Bhai Gurdas Group of Institutions is committed to engage itself in a persistent mission to improve upon its performance and enhance its position in the best colleges in India.