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Welcome to Bhai Gurdas Institute of Education.

In the changed scenario, a student teacher must change his outlook as well as attitude towards Teaching Learning Process. Besides the specific areas of his studies, he must also remain fully aware of what is going all around. He must be fully alert, alive and vibrant towards all those phenomena that are affecting the world in which he is desired to live. It has been our best efforts to bring out the best hidden traits in our prospective teachers and embellish their innate qualities to help them excel in their professional sphere of life.

Teachers need to have the transversal knowledge, skills and attitudes to become “facilitators” for the “positive change” in the society. They need to encourage their learners’ independence, their creativity, self-reliance and self-criticism. They need to help their students to learn to debate and negotiate and to take part in decision-making processes. For that, teacher education must not only about knowing, but also about knowing how to be and knowing what to do. If we take that assumption for granted, the role of a teacher training institute becomes a very demanding one, and it is clear that student teachers must be educated qualitatively during the years of pre-service education they have.

All our activities at Bhai Gurdas Institute of Education, Sangrur are based on a participatory spirit that reduces the inhibition levels of B.Ed. students and thus assist them in becoming aware of their learning and teaching potential.

BGIE has a guiding philosophy to integrate knowledge, application of knowledge & s of knowledge to create a synergetic impact.
Hoping positive responses

Dr. Amandeep Kaur
BGIE, Sangrur