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Q. What is ERP?

ERP, which is an abbreviation for Enterprise Resource Planning, is principally an integration of business management practices and modern technology. Information Technology (IT) integrates with the core business processes of a corporate house to streamline and accomplish specific business objectives.

Q.Why we need it in our Educational Institution?

The moment we think about University/Group of Colleges/College/School automation we think of a software for fee management, course management, Attendance,House Tests, Exam Results, Library Management and so on. This ultimately leads us into dealing with multiple applications and multiple vendors and a situation where we have basically “manualized” our Educational Institution with computers. Stand alone systems for different units in our Educational Institution can not only be very difficult to manage but also can add a lot of redundancy in data entry and ambiguity of information within the same organization.

Q. describe benefits of an ERP system in a nut shell?

An organization has to do meticulous planning, devise strategies before going ahead with ERP. ERP can cut down costs; improve the quality of working time and by and large. In short it helps in making the maximum use of technological advancements. ERP has enabled organizations to do away with laborious and time consuming process. Our Smart Campus 3.0 ERP system makes better informed and provides global access (anytime anywhere) of information for Management,Directors, Principals, Staff, Students, Alumni and Parents through a role based access control.

Q. What is ThinkNEXT Smart Campus 3.0?

ThinkNEXT Smart Campus 3.0 is an ERP package which not only uses Web Technologies, but also other advanced technologies such as Biometrics (Fingerprint),Smart Card, Barcode, SMS, Auto-SMS through shortcode (56757), Multiple SMS Gateway,Windows based Technologies, Webcam Integration in various Modules, WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) and others to facilitate educational, operational and managerial services 365x24x7 to Managements,Directors, Principals, Staff, Students,Parents,Alumni etc. by extensive use of Wi-Fi, Intranet and Internet based technolgies anytime anywhere in the whole world through Role based access control. All software modules of ThinkNEXT Smart Campus 3.0 can handle also multiple colleges (Group of Colleges), Universities etc. through one centralized database. ThinkNEXT Smart Campus 3.0 is not just a integrated collection of Software Modules but it also reprsents to most advanced techniques of Educational Systems so that any educational Institute/University can be a BRAND at National/International level.It is a system in which every educational institution can find innovation at every step.
Can I get a demo of ThinkNEXT Smart Campus 3.0 ?

Yes, You can get a demo of ThinkNEXT Smart Campus 3.0. If you are interested then Contact us at: , 78374-33596 or E-Mail us at : [email protected]
Is it possible to use our existing data into ThinkNEXT Smart Campus 3.0 ?
Yes, We can import your existing data (in Excel or any other format) in our Smart Campus 3.0. It will be done by our Smart Campus implementation team. Please feel free for any further enquiries and email us at: [email protected]