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Dear All!

Globalization demands new dimensions to our approach towards teacher education. Pupil-teachers must change their outlook as well as attitude in this changing scenario. Besides developing their physical, mental, social, cultural and civic abilities teachers also need to be fully aware, alert and vibrant towards all the phenomena of their environment. Teachers need to have oblique knowledge, skills and a frame of mind to become “facilitators” rather than instructors for the “profitable transformation” of the society, we are a part of.

As facilitators, teachers’ role for social transformation will require them to develop among learners national values as well as international understanding; prepare them to be global citizens; develop in them self-learning skills and ICT skills along with high emotional and spiritual quotient. Keeping in view all this, our college aims to develop among teacher trainees all the characteristics to help them act as leaders, so as to cope up with all types of real world issues. Our endeavor is not only to make them good teachers but also to make them better individuals and citizens, thereby sharing the responsibilities and being strong pillars of the nation.

In our campus we practice the values of time management and punctuality, honesty and Integrity. Special emphasis is laid on constructivist training approaches in order to provide expert human resources for the transformation of future generations. Being a vibrant learning resource, BGIE has a guiding philosophy to incorporate knowledge, application of knowledge and dissemination of knowledge to create a synergetic impact.

Dr. Sushil Kumar Singh
BGIE, Sangrur